Monemvasia the city

Monemvasia is a place of historical importance and great beauty.

Unique spectacle: a huge rock 300 meters high, bare and steep.

In one of the slopes is a medieval town wedged belted by walls, ramparts, towers: the famous castle of Monemvasia.

The year 375 a major earthquake led to distract the rock from the shore. The specificity of the rock seems to be ready to sail, would make him inaccessible especially on the southeast side.So very quickly, chased Laconians built there the castle in order to be protected from the incursions of the barbarians. The walls of the castle show proof, and still awe-inspiring to visitors. Monemvasia aptly likened the rock of Monemvasia with a stone boat. In the castle there are about 10 -20 families as permanent residents, however the bridge connect them with thousands of mainland tourists from around the world . Follow them: Like entering the time machine, you will go into another era and relive scenes from the battles of the past simply by observing the signs of the bullets at the entrance, a dowry of a siege or walking in the stone streets of the medieval town and passes the high arches.

At the beginning you wander through the Down Town. But the city that first was built is the Upper Town in the top of the rock, which was occupied by the rulers and was the seat of administration.The upper town is now deserted, but overlooks the church of Hagia Sophia and rescued the three-dimensional stunning communal wells.

On the other hand, the DownTown with winding alleys is like a small maze, and their homes due to lack of space seem to ride on top of one another. You will be impressed by the architecture of the houses. The middle path is full of tourist shops, restaurants, hostels and reception.

At the left after the small tunnel portal, climb the stairs to enter the and find the house of the poet John Ritsos, with a terrace hanging over Myrtoo Sea.Then you will be lost again and again on the cobbled streets to the mansions, see Byzantine churches (40 in number with each having its own history algae atmosphere) and enter the church of Elkomenos Christ and the archeological museum which is housed in a listed Mosquess building. Definitely visit the desolate Upper Town through the stone uphill path (the ascent takes about 20 minutes). Be impressed by the amazing view from the church of Hagia Sophia that was built by the wife of Andronicus in memory than in Istanbul.

Outside the castle there is the graphic new settlement of Monemvasia with many options for dining and entertainment.

Visit the stone houses, Byzantine churches, cobblestone streets, mansions with its unique architecture and strong walls untouched by time. All of them and the live down town transport visitors at a time when Monemvasia was one of the largest castles in the Peloponnese , trade center and location of historic battles.

In Monemvasia there are produced many traditional sweets of the region including the famous Monemvasia almond, famous samousades, diples, kourampiedes, melitinia and rafiolia. Do not forget to taste and take it with you.

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