Monemvasia beaches

Kakavos - Votsalo: The beach with pebbles and clear water at the left of the bridge against the backdrop of the castle of Monemvasia. It is the main beach of Monemvasia and is located right in front of the hotel. In this beach you will have the convenience of direct access to nearby coffee bar and restaurants.

Monemvasia Castle

Kourkoula: Outside the castle, there is Kourkoula reminiscent of a swimming pool and is protected by three points.

Portelo: If you warm the ups and downs in the streets of the castle of Monemvasia, Portelo exists just beneath the wall that opens onto a small rock band.

Outside Monemvasia

Xifias Beach: Beautiful sandy beach south of Monemvasia (about 6 km).

Ampelakia Beach: Great beach area at the exit of Monemvasia to Neapoli with fine gravel (about 5 km from the hotel). The area has in turn bays ideal for swimming, while the region has several taverns.

Pori Beach: Great beach area at the exit of Monemvasia to Sparta (about 3 km from the hotel). It combines the shade of many trees and pine trees in the clean sea. Ideal for water sports, has several tavernas overlooking the Myrtoo sea, the rock of Monemvasia and the old town of Monemvasia.

Vlychada and Balogkeri: Near the village Reichia in Zarakas municipality, there are two stunning beaches. Vlychada Beach is an incredible big white beach surrounded by forested slopes. The Balogkeri is an enclosed bay surrounded by cliffs.The water is green and cold and the scene without a trace of tourism use (approximately 30 km).

Kyparissi: It has three beaches - Little Sand with pebbles and water deeply, Saint Sunday which is the most beautiful beach with green water (up to Princess Diana had discovered) and the Great Sand, sandy with crystal clear waters.The village is situated in a beautiful and isolated countryside 50 km from Monemvasia.

Plutra: Beautiful sandy beach with shallow waters, been awarded with the blue flag (20 km).

Neapoli Beach: Huge beach with clear water that stretches in front of the town (30 km).

Simos Beach: One of the most beautiful Greek beaches in Elafonisos, a small island across from Neapoli. Clear, turquoise waters and sand dunes with cedar trees.

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